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registered nurse • problem solver

About Doug,

How a healthcare provider became an entrepreneur.

27 years ago my dad suffered a stroke, was hospitalized for a long time, and visits to the hospital defined my future of becoming a doctor.

22 years ago, I had no income, I was dependant on my parents and I wanted an mp3 player, my mother served as a bank, I “paid” her in installments with my allowance.

 18 years ago I used to bought merchandise in physical stores and sold them online because the allowance I had was not enough.

15 years ago my family had financial problems, I was in college far from my hometown and I got scholarships to pay for my medical studies.

4 years ago I had to start from scratch in a new country, where the whole system was completely different from the one I knew, so I adapted myself, and learned from it.

2 years ago I met the credit card rewards game, investments and the FIRE movement, this became a passion.

Nowadays I read books, listen to podcasts, exercise and I am engaged with self-improvement, just as I have been doing medicine, it is time to share my knowledge and help others.

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I’m involved in other projects aside from my career in health care, here are some of them.

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Ceramic Estudio

What People Say About Me

Douglas is extremely bright, caring and motivated individual.



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